What are Essential Oils?

Have you ever wondered what Essential Oils are? I sure did and still do on some of the new oils that come out! So I made the decision to dive into them and research what they are and how to use them. My ultimate desire for My Family and I is to live Natural, Organic and Healthy lives every single day. Essential Oils assist us with our daily endeavors of Everyday Healthy Living.

Historically, Essential oils are known to have Enhanced Lives for thousands of years by offering a Variety of Benefits. One Major Benefit stems from Spiritual (or Religious) uses. Another Major Benefits is used directly for Dietary purposes. It is even known that Essential Oils are Widely used for Cosmetic purposes and benefits. Therefore, this means that Essential Oils used in ancient life and fast forward to today's life are truly life changing in any time.

And because of this, these ancient traditions are back in the forefront of modern Essential Oil Users.

Now, let's get back to ... "What are Essential Oils?" They are naturally occurring, "aromatic compounds". Or more easily understood as "distinctive smell combinations". They are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. Similarly, they can be both Beautifully and Powerfully Fragrant along with giving plants their Different and Unique Smells.

Essential Oils protect plants and play a very important role in Plant Pollination. In addition, their benefits to plants, their beautiful and potent fragrances will also make your smell senses dance. 

What is an Aromatic Compound you ask? I'm so glad you did because it sounds really complicated to me. For a simple, easy to understand answer, these mixtures are small Organic Molecules. To clarify, they change quickly from their solid or liquid state to a gas at room temperature. Upon opening a bottle of Essential Oil, you instantly notice that the unique smell is very strong and potent. Certainly, you may even be able to smell it from some distance away and "Lavender Oil" is a perfect example.

Knowing this, it's easier to understand that the physical and chemical properties of Aromatic Compounds are very complex and difficult. Simply put, the "make up" of Essential Oils allows them to quickly move through the air. Moreover, this also allows for direct interaction with the smell sensors in your nose. These rare properties make Essential Oils ideal for uses in aromatherapy. And all by using these combinations from plants to help maintain a healthy mind and body. In conclusion, these types of Aromatic Compounds determines both the Essential Oil’s Aroma and the Benefits it has to offer. 

Did you know ... that over 3,000 varieties of Aromatic Compounds have been identified?

Wow! Now that is quite a lot of different compounds. The specific character of each Essential Oil varies from plant to plant, within botanical families. They also have distinctive features that vary from species to species. Similarly, each specific Essential Oil have individual, precise and unique properties. Which also gives each one of them their very own specialized benefits. This is known as the ratio of "Aromatic Constituents" or more easily understood as "elements" found in each one.

Also, the Design of the each individual Oil has many varying factors that play into their creations. For example, these factors depend on the Time of Day, Season, and Geographic Location. Likewise, other important factors include the Method and Duration of Distillation, Year Grown, and the Weather. Most importantly, there are many Different Factors that play into the Order of the finest Essential Oils. This makes every step of the Production Process very Essential and Important for the finalization of the overall quality.

Wow! How was that for a bunch of massive information?

Now, I do know that this is quite a lot of technical information to read through and try to understand. But all of this information really does explain the details of the process to create the different Essential Oils. And from the research I've done, this is exactly why each specific Essential Oil is so different from each other. Anywhere from the Aromas they create for Calm and Tranquility and Peace of Mind. To the Properties they possess to assist with Physical and Mental Ailments. And the Uses they help with that can benefit both on an internal level and external level.

With that being said, this is what this article is for, why I'm here and how I know so many people that know Essential Oils. We are all here together to research, learn and help each other with the knowledge that has been known for centuries. Our ancestors knew about them and how to use them. And now we all get to learn about them and how to use them, too!

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