Basil Single Essential Oil

Basil Single Essential Oil is a perennial plant and is part of the mints family which is called "Lamiacease". There are approximately 200 different types of Basil plants and they grow in farms all around the world. Mostly, Basil is useful for its leaves and is commonly used as herbs while cooking your ultimate favorite meal. Fun fact, Basil also tastes sweet even though its minty too. Try chewing on a piece of Basil and you will tastes both sweet and minty at the same time. Basil Single Essential Oil is naturally sweet, warm, spicy and herbal in smell. And do you know that you can use in many different ways ... both internally and topically? You can!

Ok, now that we have some basics out of the way (above), let's now get into some of the fun ways to use Basil Single Essential Oil. But real quick before we get into that, I just want to stress the quality of product when purchasing Basil. Personally, I purchase and use Basil from DoTerra which you can find by clicking on this link. I do this because I know that DoTerra uses the CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® protocol. And their Essential Oils are pure with no additives or contaminants. DoTerra has the utmost quality of process which creates an amazing and useful product.

Basil Single Essential Oil Benefits

  • Can help to keep your skin looking clean, clear, and healthy

  • Helps your mental alertness

  • May lessen your anxious feelings when diffusing

  • Supports your cardiovascular and nervous system health when you consume internally

  • Reduces your inflammation and bacteria

  • Can relieve your congestion and help to fight your virus

  • Spice up your cooking by adding Basil

Have you ever played sports or wrestle with your kids for just a little too long? Maybe you worked out at the gym or "worked out" in your yard. Your muscles are tired and sore from all of your fun and activities. Add a few drops of Basil Single Essential Oils to your skin of that specific area. Then rub into your skin and you will feel a cooling sensation that will sooth and relieve your achy muscles.

Maybe you are feeling anxious or unfocused or a bit of a bad mood for some reason. Try diffusing several drops of Basil, whether that be at home or at work or in your kids rooms. You will feel a sense of calm, be more alert, and focused. Let the Basil diffuse and calm a tense and stressful day at work. Help the kids to study and focus on their schoolwork and reading. Calm your home of all stressors of the day and be able to relax with your family.

Does a cold or flu have you down and out?

Don't you fret! Did you know that Basil Single Essential Oil is used to assist with colds, flues, viral infections, etc.? It is! Research has shown that Basil Single Essential Oil has natural anti-viral agents which can assist you by being a natural cold/flu remedy. The best possible uses are to diffuse Basil in your diffuser while you are feeling under the weather. Also, adding to your bath allows for immediate exposure by inhalation and soaking into your skin. You can also make your own "homemade" vapor rub by using Basil and Eucalyptus Oil and rubbing onto your chest. This will allow for you to consistently breathe in these oils and open up your nasal passages.

Similarly, another idea is to grab a cup of HOT green tea so it is steaming as you sip it. Add a drop or two of Basil and Lemon Essential oils along with a teaspoon of local honey. The smell will be amazing and as you sip your tea, the warmth with seep through your body and help you heal from the inside out.

Want to know how to spice up your meal?

Add Basil! Yes, you can (and should) add Basil Single Essential Oil to your meal to add that nice kick to your meal. Try adding Basil to your pasta sauce for a mouth water spaghetti or simple pasta, orzo and rice dishes. Or maybe try adding Basil to your salad dressing and enhance the flavor of your salad. Also, if you are a health nut, add Basil to your health smoothy for a yummy flavor to help it go down. This is a "win win" basic oil that adds a kick to any meal.

Have you ever made your very own homemade pasta sauce? I have! It is soooooooooo much better than any pasta sauce you can buy in the store. I have also added the Basil oil instead of the Basil leaves just to try it out and see what the difference is. Well, the flavor between the two is pretty much the same and makes my mouth water just thinking about it. The quantity that I use, however, is much much different. The Basil Oil should be used minimally, say ... approximately 4 drops. This seems plenty for my pasta sauce and the flavor is exquisite, very yummy and inviting to chow down!

You must try this! It is absolutely amazing and you will Wow! the socks off of everyone. Your family will Love to be your guinea pigs and try all of your recipes.

Basil Single Essential Oil

Basil oil is an amazing essential oil all on its own. However, it also blends well with many other essential oils such as Bergamot, Lavender, Marjoram, Geranium, Peppermint, Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Ginger, Grapefruit, and Lemon essential oils.

Moving on, please always use precautions when using "any" essential oil as they are extremely potent, Basil is definitely one of them. Due to differences in skin sensitivity, please always be aware that Basil Single Essential Oil may have an adverse effect if you tend to have more sensitive skin. And that's ok. You just need to dilute Basil with doTerra's fractionated coconut Oil which you can find right here. This is also recommended for dilution when using on any child or elderly persons.

Please avoid contact with your eyes and inner ears. Also, if you are pregnant or nursing, use extra caution as Essential Oils can effect your child. 

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