Time management

"Time Management


It is a lifelong challenge for most of us to find enough hours in the day. Whether you’re contemplating starting a doTERRA business or you’re already at Silver, the sheer amount of things to do on your plate can seem overwhelming. Time management becomes increasingly important as your business grows. It’s your insurance policy against burning out, and it will help you make sure you’re taking care of yourself in the meantime. As you are able to better organize your time, you will create more opportunities to meet others and be able to continue to expand your business.


Here are some simple tips:


  • Start out managing your time by figuring out what you’re doing with your time now. Keep a notebook handy and record your thoughts, conversations, and events for one week. Once the week is over, sit down and examine where you used your time poorly and make goals for how you can do better next week.
  • To make sure you are meeting your long-term goals, use a monthly planner. Start here to ensure that your daily schedule is adding up to you achieving your goals for the month. We’ve created a possible monthly planner for your use.
  • Take up to half an hour to plan each day either the night before or the morning of. You could use our daily planner to help you organize and write down goals, appointments, and anything else you need to remember.
  • As you plan, first assign times to everything that is important for your success. Avoid long to-do lists that will just over-complicate your day, and instead plan items of lower importance around the necessary tasks.
  • Schedule time for interruptions. This allows for flexibility. No matter how well you plan, things will never go accordingly. It will help to plan a little breathing room in advance for the unexpected."
Stephanie Sawyer