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"You have a dream for your business. We have the tools to get you there. The Empowered Success training program is designed specifically with you in mind.

Download or purchase the guides and class handouts, and watch the training videos to learn how to get where you want to go."

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Creating YOUR financial growth is as easy as following your dreams and desires . . . and a few simple steps. 


Step 1

Sign up as a wellness advocate here "https://www.doterra.com/US/en/site/stephiesawyer" or by clicking on the picture to the left or below on the "follow me" button below. Follow the instruction for signing up as a Wellness Advocate. My suggestion would be to go ahead and set up your LRP/PV (loyalty reward program/personal volume) monthly order and can be changed at anytime. Personally, I change mine every month.


Step 2

Live your own natural healthy lifestyle! Learn how by clicking on the link below "healthy can be simple" or clicking on the picture to the left. Click here, "live guide" to learn 

  • "How to use doTERRA’s Wellness Pyramid to create a wellness lifestyle
  • Which products address your specific health goals
  • How to use the Loyalty Rewards Program to save money
  • Recipes to start using your oils right away"

Step 3

"Share your experiences" with doTerra essential oils and supplement. DoTerra essential oils supports healthy emotions.  Your moment by moment support internally, through your biggest organ, your skin or topically and natural deep invigorating breaths with your diffuser. Learn how to:

  • "How to share doTERRA through classes and one-on-ones so you can earn free products for yourself
  • Script ideas for sharing, inviting, and reminding
  • Tips to host successful presentations and an ideal timeline for doing so
  • Skills that set a foundation for a strong business"

Step 4

Building your doTerra business and Launching your doTerra business go hand in hand.

Build your doTerra business by clicking and following the "build guide".  Information you will learn:

  • "Benefits of building a financial pipeline
  • Reasons to partner with doTERRA
  • Pipeline activities to start building a business
  • Income potential
  • Three Steps to launch your business"

After learning how to build your doTerra business, follow the "launch guide" and learn how to:

  • "Action steps to launch your doTERRA business
  • How to build a financial pipeline
  • Placement strategies
  • Step-by-step instructions to reach Elite rank"

* Remember . . . to build your very own doTerra business that will create financial growth and freedom, an abundant backing and pipeline, and give you health and wellness empowerment . . . follow these steps and Recruit, Recruit, Recruit! Love what you do and how you feel! Help and teach others to create their own "DoTerra Fortunes"! Give to others and others will give to you!


Building , Inspiration, Leader Ideas, Events.  Keep informed and updated with blogs for answers to all of your questions.



~ What are Essential Oils?

~ How to use Essential Oils safely?

Discover individual Essential Oils. Their descriptions, creations, and properties. Primary benefits, directions for uses, and cautions!

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